Chinoiserie Outline Cookie Cutters - Foo Dog - Pagoda - Ginger Jar

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THEY'RE BACK IN STOCK! It has been so fun to see how excited everyone has been about these cookie cutters. They sold-out quickly, but they're back in stock and ready to ship. Happy baking!

These are our "outline" Chinoiserie cookie cutters (without details inside). This version allows you to use your imagination to decorate each cookie with any design of your choice. 

If you prefer a little more guidance to decorate each cookie, check out our Chinoiserie Detail Cookie Cutter set HERE. The "detail" set impresses a design onto each cookie to give you guides for icing. Or you can skip the icing and just have a pretty impression stamped on your un-iced sugar cookies.

These cookie cutters are perfect for baking your own tasty treats or to give to the bakers in your life. Let the Chinoiserie baking begin!

Each set includes:

• 1 pagoda (outline cutter)
• 1 foo dog (outline cutter)
• 1 ginger jar (outline cutter)



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