Flamingo Wall Decal Set


Adding a fabulous flamingo (or two) is such a fun and easy way to transform decor from standard to Palm Beach chic. And since they're easily removable at any time, it's a risk-free decorating adventure! Have fun with this pair of flamingos in your bathroom, bedroom, nursery, or foyer. Which room in your home is calling out for a tropical lift?

You can place the flamingo decals in any arrangement you like. They look wonderful paired on either side of furniture, framing a doorway and tucking around corners.

Decal set includes 2 flamingos as shown.

Choose from 4 color options. There is no background color to Lulukuku decals, so your wall color will be the background, giving you a lot of room to play with color! If you'd like to see previews of a few of the flamingo colorways against your wall color, simply contact us - we're happy to help.

Sizes and Placement
Please see the dimension image in this listing for sizes. Since each flamingo is a separate decal, you can place each element in any arrangement you like - creating a custom mural that works best with your decor. If you'd like a custom size, please let us know and we will accommodate your request if we're able.

Our Decals
All Lulukuku are easily removable. They have a matte surface that makes them seem almost painted on the wall. There is no background or transparent film between decals - the color you've painted your wall will be the background color.

Applying Wall Decals
Applying Lulukuku wall decals is an easy-to-follow process and we provide detailed instructions with each decal set. Take a look at the "About Our Decals" page for a quick look at how to apply the decals.

Our Process
As with all of our wall decals, we cut and hand-finish each flamingo decal set in our small studio. Since we cut each set custom-to-order, please allow 5-7 business days for us to cut and ship your decals.

Please take a look at our "Questions" page where we've addressed the most common inquiries. Or if you prefer,  simply click "Contact Us." We're happy to help - and we love talking decals!

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