We cut each set of Lulukuku decals custom-to-order. We will create and ship your decals within 3-5 business days of receiving your order. We hope you love your decals when they arrive!

No, there's no background color to Lulukuku decals. The color of your wall color or whatever surface you're applying your decal to will be the background color.

Please click on About Our Decals for a graphic showing the basic steps in applying Lulukuku decals. We provide detailed instructions that will walk you through each step and provide helpful hints, but this graphic show you the basics. It's a fun DIY project and you're going to love how it transforms your space!

Here's what some of our customers have said about applying Lulukuku decals:
- "It was not difficult to put up if you take your time and follow the wonderful directions! We're very happy with this product." Molly
- "Absolutely adorable! Application was easier than I thought too, even though my wall surface is slightly textured." CeCe

Lulukuku decals work on many, surfaces including some textured walls (up to an "orange peel" texture). Better safe than sorry, so if you'd like us to send you a test decal, simply click on "Contact Us" to request a test decal. Be sure to let us know your full name and mailing address.

Our decals do work on low-VOC paints after the paint has had a chance to cure for 14 days. It is best to wait two weeks after painting before applying any wall decals. That's because today's low-VOC paints don't have the smelly chemicals that used to help paint cure (fully dry and harden) in a single day. While that's better for all of our health, it does mean that there's a slight amount of evaporation over the course of a couple of weeks as the paint cures. This evaporation works against decal adhesion, so we need to wait a while before applying decals.

When selecting paint, please steer clear of the paints with stain-resistant technology (those that advertise the ease of wiping off greasy stains like crayon marks and fingerprints). These paints contain a teflon-like chemical additive. The same chemical that makes stains wipe off easily with a cloth make decals slide off the wall as well.

Yes, you can remove Lulukuku decals easily without damage to your paint or wall. Simply slip a fingernail behind an edge of the decal and pull down. While they are completely removable, our decals are not reusable.

We can provide a custom set of swatches for a small fee ($5). Please click Contact Us and let us know which colors you'd like to see, plus your mailing address. We'll get back to you with a custom listing which you can purcahse to cover the fee.

We can provide a custom colors for a small fee ($10). Please click Contact Us and let us know that you're interesed in custom colors. We'll email you a digital swatch card showing the 35 colors you have to choose from. Once you've chosen the colors you'd like to work with, we'll put together previews showing you how those colors will look in your decal set. If you choose to go with a custom color combination, we'll get back to you with a custom listing which you can purcahse to cover the customization fee.

We can produce many of our decal sets in custom sizes. Click on Contact Us and let us know what you're iinterested in. We'll be happy to help if we can. There is typically no additional fee for custom sizes if you're going down in size, but there may be a fee if you would like the decals larger.

We ship USPS Priority Mail. If you'd like to receive your order sooner, you may select Priority Mail Express at checkout.

If you are in a rush and would like us to ship Express (which is 1-2 days to most locations in the US), please click select Priority Mail Express at checkout to view the additional shipping fee.

Currently we ship to the U.S., Canada, and Australia.