lulukuku lovingly designed wall decals for your nursery and home

"The decals were easy to apply
and  they look great - love, love, love!"

Does your decal come with a background?
No, our decals don't have a background. The background will be your wall and paint color.
There is no white outline around the edges that you might see with other decal brands.

How are decals made?
We cut all of our decals custom-to-order in our tiny studio in Stockbridge, MA using a laser cutter.

What material are the wall decals made of?
We use the highest quality vinyl available. The vinyl surface is matte / eggshell finish so that it blends well with many paint finishes. Many customers have commented that their friends and family think that their decals are a painted mural.

Are the wall decals removable?
Our removable vinyl has low-tac adhesive that will not damage your wall or paint when removed.

Are the wall decals reusable?
No, once you remove the decals from the wall, they cannot be reused.

How do I apply the decals? Is it difficult?
We provide very detailed instructions that will walk you through the process of applying our wall decals step-by-step. It is a DIY project, and takes a bit of time and care, but our customers have told us again and again that the results are worth it! Here's what some of our customers have said about their wall decal application experiences:
- "It was not difficult to put up, if you take your time and follow the wonderful directions! Very happy with this product." Molly
- "Absolutely adorable! Application was easier than I thought too, even though my wall surface is slightly textured." CeCe
- "Loved how this turned out on my wall! Very easy to use and just all around awesome product!" Shea

Will the decals work on a textured wall?
Our decals work on some textured walls, but not all. If you have a wall that has more texture than the standard "orange peel" bumpiness that results from several layers of paint over the years, we ask that you request a decal sample so that we can see if the decals will work on your wall. Please click on "Contact Us" at the top of the website, let us know your full name and mailing address, and we'll be happy to send samples to you right away.

Will the wall decals work on Low-VOC or Zero-VOC paint?
Like all wall decals, Lulukuku decals will work with Low-VOC and Zero-VOC paints AFTER the paint has fully cured (typically 4-6 weeks). Today's Low-VOC and Zero-VOC paints are fantastic because they don't contain the stinky chemicals that paints used to contain. However, those chemicals used to help paint fully dry and cure (harden) in a single day. Without those chemicals, today's Low-VOC and Zero-VOC paints can take between 4-6 weeks to fully dry and cure. During that 4-6 weeks, the walls are slowly off-gassing and/or moisture is evaporating a tiny bit every day. The moisture being slowly released over time works against decal adhesion. Once that process is complete, there should be no problem with decal adhesion. How will you know for sure that the wall is ready? We provide a practice decal with each set we send out. If that practice decal stays up for 2 days, you know your walls are ready.

Will the wall decals work on stain-resistant / washable paint?
Lulukuku decals work on some, but not all stain resistant / washable paints. Each company uses a different formula / chemical to make their paints stain resistant. Some of these forumlas can be compared to teflon. The same chemicals that help greasy fingerprints or marker slide right off the surface can have the same effect on decals. The only way to know is to test, so please click on "Contact Us," let us know your full name and mailing address and we'll be happy to pop some test decals in the mail to you right away.

What wall decals colors are available?
We have 35 decal colors which can be seen in our color chart - the chart is the last image in each product listing. If you'd like to receive color swatches, please go to that top of this page and click on "Color Swatch Requests" in one of the little birds' speach bubbles. We'll put those in the mail to you right away.

Can you create a custom color for us?
Since we cut our decals out of rolls that already have their color, we can't produce a custom color for you. Think of the process more like cutting pieces out of fabric rather than printing and the "fabric" - or in our case, vinyl - already has the color its going to have.

I'm considering a decal set with several colors. How can I see what my colors will look like in the decal set before I order?
If you'd like to see a color comp that shows your colors together, simply click on "Contact Us" and let us know the color combination(s) you are considering. Remember, we have several designs that could be described as "owl tree" or "tree decal," so please let us know either the URL of the product you're interested in or the full title of the decal set. It is also helful to know your wall color so that we can give you a more accurate representation of what the decals might look like in your home. We can email you up to three color comps showing what the decals will look like in your colors.

Can I use the vinyl on surfaces other than walls? LIke furniture, glass, windows, wood signs, doors?
We have had customers use our decals on many different surfaces. Will they work on the surface you're thinking of? The best way to know is to try. If you'd like a sample to test, please click on "Contact Us" at the top of the page and let us know your full name and mailing address. We'll be happy to send samples your way. It is important to note that while our wall decals are removable from walls without damage, we can't make the same guarantee for other surfaces.

I'm interested in your chevron wall decals. Is the space between the decal "stripes" white or clear - how does that work?
Our chevron wall decals actually 3 stripes of colored vinyl that are held together by a temporary clear "masking" layer over the top. Once you apply them to the wall and rub them onto the wall, you'll peel away the clear masking, leaving just the 3 colored chevron stripes on the wall. Your wall color will show in the gaps between these stripes.

I'm interested in your world map wall decals. Are the continents separate decals? How does it work?
The map comes in 6 separate land-masses that don't have any background color to them. We provide registration dots that make it easy to align and space each continent with one another. Once you have Europe/Asia applied, it's easy to properly space each additional continent from there. There is a temporary clear film over top of the decals (called masking) that keeps the islands and small pieces together until the decals are applied. Once the decals are on your wall, you'll carefully remove clear masking leaving just the continents on your walls. Then the gaps in between - your wall paint color - becomes the oceans. Many customers who initially expressed concern about applying our world map decals and aligning the continents properly have been pleasantly surprised. Here's what two of our world map wall decal customers had to say:
- "It was not difficult to put up, if you take your time and follow the wonderful directions! Very happy with this product." Shannon
- "The world map was straight forward to put up once I read the instructions - and it looks great!" Rachael

If you have a question that we haven't answered here, simply click on "Contact Us" above and let us know what you're thinking. We're here to help!