lulukuku lovingly designed wall decals for your nursery and home

"The decals were easy to apply
and  they look great - love, love, love!"


We provide very detailed instructions that will walk you through the process of applying our wall decals step-by-step. It is a DIY project, and takes a bit of time and care, but our customers have told us again and again that the results are worth it!

Here's what some of our customers have said about their wall decal application experiences:
- "It was not difficult to put up, if you take your time and follow the wonderful directions! Very happy with this product." Molly
- "Absolutely adorable! Application was easier than I thought too, even though my wall surface is slightly textured." CeCe
- "Loved how this turned out on my wall! Very easy to use and just all around awesome product!" Shea

If you have any questions about applying one of our wall decal sets, simply click on "Contact Us" at the top of this page.
We're here to help!